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The Dos and Don’ts of Click Bank Marketing


Are you deciding on becoming a ClickBank affiliate for any of the products present on their network? If yes, then there are many do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of before you step into the real game. In this article, we will look at the major things that you should make sure of doing to succeed at selling info products and the things that can prove to be harmful to your marketing as an affiliate. Read on to find out!

Once you decide to become a ClickBank affiliate, it is important that you do it in ways that are proven to work for you. Reinventing the wheel is not how things are done in ClickBank marketing, and so we will start with the don’ts.

ClickBank Marketing


  1. Never send potential customers directly to the vendor’s sales page. It is important to know that the percentage of people who buy on the very first exposure to the sales message is not high and is low. This percentage is usually 1% or even less than that.
  2. Do not make the mistake of picking up and choosing products that have little gravity or none at all. Gravityis the indicator at ClickBank that shows how famous a product is when it’s selling. If you choose a product that has no gravity, then it probably is new to statistics or is not a very popular seller.
  3. However, it is not ideal to choose products that have extreme gravity where they are present at the other end of the spectrum. The truth is that super high gravity products mean that the competition will be pretty high for them. If you aren’t extremely good at online marketing, then these high gravity products are the option for expert marketers.
  4. Never make use of any negative advertising campaigns as ClickBank can ban such campaigns if requested to do so.
ClickBank Marketing

These were the don’ts that we would want you to keep a distance from because they can harm your performance of being a ClickBank affiliate. Let us now take a look at the things that should be done to increase the chances of succeeding in online marketing.

ClickBank Marketing


  1. Make sure that you send your potential customers into a funnel system. You should always be able to have a follow back with your customers so that you can tell them that the product they were searching for can still benefit them in ways they wished it would.
  2. Ensure choosing products that at least pay 50% in affiliate commissions. Follow this as a rule so that you can make a significant difference in the profit margins if you wish to do any Pay per Click Marketing.
  1. Make sure that you do select ClickBank products that lie in the top interest categories of the platform such as relationships, beauty, wealth and health.
  2. While using ClickBank, make sure to test your HopLinks and campaigns regularly so that you can make sure that they are working properly.
  3. Invest time in researching on the different promotional techniques before you get started.
  4. Be flexible about the techniques and methods that you opt for and always be willing to make changes where they are required.


If you are beginning to work as an affiliate, then it can be hard to know about what needs to be done to be successful. Many things should be done along with things that should be avoided at all costs. Spend time in learning what works for ClickBank affiliate marketing through our IM checklists (Volume 17). The 18 sets of checklists are your wonderful guide to ClickBank marketing and can help you in becoming a successful ClickBank affiliate as well as the seller in no time. The checklists are an amazing way to learn on the subject as they will guide you through each and every step that you need to cover before you step into the real game. So, get your volume of checklists now without any further delay!