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Planning your YouTube Advertising Campaign

Planning and developing a successful YouTube advertising campaign can be a pretty overwhelming task. However, even beginners can jump into the world of YouTube Advertising Campaigns with a little know-how of the subject matter.

With this article, we will take you through the process of planning a YouTube Advertising Campaign. Let’s get started!

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Start by naming your Campaign

After you set up your Google Ads account, you will have to click on the “Campaigns” on the toolbar and choose the blue plus sign to add in a new campaign. You will be presented with a few types of campaigns. Choose the option of “Video” and then give your Campaign a name and choose the format that you wish to use. Select either in-stream ads such as TrueView or remarketing ads or a bumper ad.

Then choose a goal for your advertisement. Take a look at the goals and metrics section before you choose the type of goal that works best for your business type.

Fix your Budget

You will then have to decide how much you plan on spending and whether or not you wish to spend quickly. Google will give you some options to choose from, and hence you can either choose a daily amount to spend, or you can also set a campaign total. However, don’t forget that whatever budget you set, Google can charge you up to 2 times that amount.

You can also decide on the method of delivery you wish to have. You can choose if you want to have a standard type of delivery or if you want to have your budget spent slowly throughout the day or want it to be spent fast.

Select your Network

Tell Google about where you want your video to be shared; do you want it to be shared just on YouTube or would you want it to be on YouTube and within the Google Ad Network.


The next step would be to determine exactly how much you are willing to pay per view on your video. Most of the businesses start with lower bids, i.e. 10 cents per view. Monitor the results for two, three days and the bid lower if you are spending entirely on your budget. Bid a little higher if you are in your target range and are not using up your budget.

Decide on your Target Audience

Selecting potential ad targets on the basis of viewers and other demographics such as parental status, age, gender etc. is of great importance. You can also decide based on the content that helps you select topics, keywords and placements. You can even make use of Google’s search history to help you reach out to the right viewer for the product and service.

Languages, Locations and Time Frame

Move on to deciding the details of your target audience.


Selecting the right keywords can increase the chances of helping your audience discover your content. Find a less common set of keywords that cost less and can stretch your budget further. Ensure that your keywords are broader so that your audience gets bigger.

Begin Strong

Start with an interesting statement, stunning video to hook your viewers and to keep them watching till the end. With a definite beginning, you can make the audience remember your video even if they don’t finish your video.

Test your advertising campaigns in the beginning and spend less in the starters and test a couple of different versions to know about the adjustments that need to be made. Make these adjustments based on the performance of each advertisement campaign and then decide on the campaign type that works best for you.

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