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Get The EXACT Checklists, Spreadsheets, Mind Maps And Online Forms

I’ve Personally Used To Make $21,456 Per Month Sending A Few Emails Per Week…

IM Checklist Volume 2 Makes Email Marketing Easier Than Ever...

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    Save you time and countless hours
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    There no guessing about anything related to building or managing an email list ever again
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    Each checklist gives you easy-to-follow steps for getting fast results with email 
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    This is the next best thing to having a 7 figure marketer sitting down next to you
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    If you’ve struggled with email marketing in the past or you’re just starting out, this makes it ‘paint by numbers’ easy to stay focused and make money fast


Discover How I Was Able To Make Over $257,472 With Email Over The Past 12 Months And How You Can Do The Same...

...even if you’re a complete newbie or you’ve struggled to get results with email in the past.

Most marketers either give up on email marketing altogether, or they’re making a tiny fraction of the kind of money they could be making if they knew what I know about building lists and doing email marketing the right way. 

Hi there, Kevin Fahey here.

When I started online in 2007, I quickly realized that the #1 method for making the most money possible with very minimal daily work is to build a quality list packed with people that are interested what you have to offer…

I’ll never forget that first time I clicked “send” and banked $50 while I was out doing pretty much everything but working.

It’s an amazing feeling to get paid over and over again for sending a simple email, and when you do things the right way, you can create a full-time income by sending out a few emails each week.

Making money with email, is closest thing out there to “push button” income in existence…

As you know, and I’ve said before, most of the stuff out there that claims you can get rich clicking buttons and making money is ‘pie in skye’ or just total BS…

...but email works for ANYONE that plugs-into my PROVEN method for success.

Just Look At The Results I’m Getting With Email…

$1,510.16 Made From Sending Just 1 Email To An Affiliate Offer

Consistent Four-Figure Email Promotions

Over $550,492.23 Generated Using My Own Proven System For Building A List And Sending A Few Weekly Emails

I’ve reduced my entire online business to 18 easy-to-follow checklists that make it impossible to fail online.

With these checklists, you’ll know exactly how to get started with any task and ensure you don’t miss anything that could help you follow-through, stay focused, complete the task, and get the results you set out to get.

I’ve only ever released these checklists to my Private Coaching Students that have paid


for private coaching…

But now for a limited time, I’ve decided to release these time-saving, money-making checklists to the public at large for less than you’d spend on a movie with a large popcorn...


My Method For Making Thousands Per Month With Email is… 

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    Different than other worn-out email marketing methods that just don’t work all that well
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    100% Proven and works for anyone that follows the steps
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    Results start coming fast (again, when you do it the right way)
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    Works for affiliate offers, CPA, your own offers, offline, services, and more!

The Big Reason For My Ongoing Success With Email Are The Simple...

REPEATABLE Systems I’ve Put In Place In My Online Business…

For example..

If I want to create a squeeze page…

I simply go to my IM Squeeze Setup Checklist...

​Follow the steps inside...

Save time and avoid frustration of missing or forgetting something..

Get predictable results every single time

(And this is just 1 of 18 Checklists I’ve use to make over $20,000 every single month from email - I literally have every money-making process 100% mapped out)


Not Knowing What To Do Next Is The BIG Reason Why You’re Not Making 6 Figures With Email Right Now

It’s easy get stuck or bogged down in the details of email...

And if you’re not quite sure what to do to get the best results, it’s really easy to do the wrong things or do what most do… nothing…

That’s why I’ve decided to release my internal email checklists at a massive discount to help you make this your best year ever!

With the checklists included inside IM Checklist Volume 2...

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    You’ll know how to get started the right way
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    Get my proven 6 figure email system broken down into 18 Checklists
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    Always know “what to do next”
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    Save time - These checklists easy shave 10-15 hours off of my workload each week… Sometimes more (and I know what I’m doing with email). If you’re just starting out, these checklists will save you even more time
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    Avoid frustration
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    And make LOT of money this year with email


Volume 2: Email Marketing

What’s Included With
IM Checklist Volume 2?

  • 18 PDF Checklists I personally use in my 7 figure business to make big profits from email
  • Every checklist in PDF format for easy printing
  • Get access to an online form version of each checklist if you don’t want to print (or want to print later)
  • You’ll also get access to helpful spreadsheets and other tools that make it easier than ever for you to get results and make money in your online business
  • Plus, you'll also get our NEW INTERACTIVE MINDMAP FEATURE for quick access to all of your checklists.

Listen to what john Mulry, Author of the truth

says about im checklist

These Are The Checklists, Spreadsheets, And Online Forms Included With IM Checklist Volume 2…

These Are The Checklists, Spreadsheets, And Online Forms That Are Included When You Get This Today…

Email Marketing Guide

Discover exactly how I’m able to make thousands per month with email marketing and how you can do the same with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to email marketing success.

Offline Squeeze Page Setup

This easy-to-follow checklist shows you how to setup a squeeze page designed to get leads for your own offline business or for generating leads for your offline clients.

Webinar Thank You Page Setup 

Make sure your audience dose not miss the webinar. All the key features you need to get people ready and excited

Aweber Setup 

How to setup Aweber the right way to avoid wasting time and to ensure you get the best results possible.

Optimize Press Landing Page

This easy-to-follow checklist walks you through the steps to creating a stunning landing page with Optimize Press.

Email Deliverability

Nothing matters if your emails aren’t getting delivered. This checklist walks you through the exact steps you must follow to keep your list healthy and ensure your emails land in people’s inboxes.

IM Squeeze Page Setup

Get a step-by-step checklists that reveals the exact steps to follow to get your squeeze page setup the right way so that you can start getting targeted leads and building your list right away.

Offline Thank You Page Setup

Use this checklist to make sure you offline thank you page has everything you need for the best results.

Follow-Up Email Sequence

There’s a right way and a wrong way to follow-up with your leads. This follow-up email sequence gives you a checklist to make sure your follow sequence will generate the best results.

Active Campaign Setup

Get your Active Campaign account setup correctly the first time with this easy-to-follow checklist.

Thrive Themes Landing Page

This easy-to-follow checklist walks you through the steps to creating a winning landing page with Thrive Themes.

Email Marketing Improvements

Discover simple tweaks and adjustments for quickly getting more opt-ins, more opens, more clicks, and ultimately making more money with your list.

IM Thank You Page Setup

The best way to get the most out of your new opt-ins is to tell them what’s next on a Thank You page. This checklists shows you exactly what you must have on the Thank You page.

Webinar Signup Page Setup

This checklist shows you exactly what a winning webinar signup page MUST have to make sure you get the most signups possible. 

Autoresponder Settings

This checklist gives you the exact settings you must include when setting up your autoresponder to make sure you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Market Hero Setup

This checklists shows you how to properly use Market Hero to build and manage an email list for maximum results.

Free Landing Page

Find out the exact steps for creating a landing page with a free giveaway with this easy-to-follow checklist.

List Building Methods

This checklist reveals the most effective methods for quickly building your email list with subscribers ready to buy.

You Can also Access all of YOUR CHECKLISTS ONLINE

Interactive Mind-maps For Quick and Easy Access to all of your your favorite checklists

Interactive Checklists you can access From anywhere, At Any Time, Using Any device.

Online Spreed sheet checklists you can even edit yourself

Why You Need To Get IM Checklist Volume 2...

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    You’ll get your hands on the EXACT process docs and checklists that make me thousands of dollars each week (follow them and get the same results)
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    You can stop wasting your time trying to figure it all out on your own
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    Save countless hours
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    Stay focused on getting results
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    Boost your income
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    Give these to your outsourced contractors/virtual assistant to make it easier than ever to outsource your online business and spend time doing the things that you want
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    This is the next best thing to having me sit down with you and show you how to make big money with email}

People Love IM Checklist


The ability for someone to follow a proven method step by step like this is tantamount to their success with marketing..

Reed Floren - Online Marketing Expert

IM Checklists allow you to get on with making money without the worry, fear and weight on your shoulders that you may have forgotten something. EVERYTHING is there is a clear and easy to consume format that can be checked off in seconds. A Must have for all serious marketers.

Carl Picôt - Online Marketer

These checklists have been a great asset in helping me set up my first launch, ensuring that I didn’t miss any steps under tight time constraints.
I highly recommend Kevin's Fahey's checklists. These checklists can save you a ton of time and potentially money, especially when you need to check on outsourcers.
I plan on using these checklists for all my future launches. Highly recommended..

Dominic Anderton - PLR Marketer

I did my 1st product launch recently, it was a success, but it would of been so much better if I would of had IM Checklist Volume 1 - Product Creation, by my side... I would not of wasted so much time and missed a few key pieces ... like leaving my buy button live before the actual launch date started! Another great thing about IM Checklists is they come in many different formats... I have been using the Google Sheets version and it has changed the way I do my affiliate promos... Because they are more than just checklists they provide training and insight into things like market research and different marketplaces, also things like how to get approval as an affiliate... This alone would of saved me a lot of time and anguish, when I 1st got started... I could go on and on, oh yeah and they come with PLR rights so I can and do use them for lead magnets and bonuses ... Fantastic product, 5 stars for sure ... I highly recommend IM Checklists to anyone and everyone that will listen...

Garry Baker - Online Marketer

As a PAID Customer Just wanted to say Thanks for creating IM Checklist Myself it's all in the worry of what I may forget. You have removed that fear. Many Thanks

Mike Holthuysen - Online Marketer

Lock In Your Special (Time Sensitive) Discount

When You Get IM Checklist Volume 2 Right Now…

Without these checklists in my online business, I’d never be able to get the results that I’m getting right now with email. The way I do it, there’s no guessing or wondering what to do next, and I can tell you point blank that these documents will make you thousands of dollars… many times over (just like they have for me)

​Although these checklists are easily worth thousands of dollars to your online business, you won’t pay anywhere near that today.

For a limited time, you can get your hands on my IM Checklist Volume 2 for the low, one-time investment of just...


Why You Need To Get Going On This Right Now…

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    Start using these checklists within minutes from right now to save time and improve your business
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    Stop guessing what works with email and follow the EXACT steps that I personally follow to make 6 figures year by sending a few emails per week
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    Give these to a virtual assistant or outsourced contractors to get bigger, better, faster results
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    When you get this right now, you’ll get a special discount and pay the lowest price possible

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses Valued At $147 For FREE When You Get IM Checklist Volume 2 Now…

Solo Ad Escape

Open Rate Explosion

Dropout Entrepreneur

11 Questions To Success

There’s NO Risk With Our 14 Day, Money Back Guarantee

Each one of these checklists is worth many times the low, one-time investment you’ll make to get your hands on all 18 of these today.
Although the discounted pricing makes getting going now a total no-brainer, to make this even easier, I’m also going to give you the next 14 days to make sure this is for you.
If for ANY reason you’re not satisfied or you don’t feel like these checklists are worth many times your small investment today, all you have to do is let me know, and I’ll get you a prompt refund.
You can’t lose…
...unless you miss out on getting your hands on IM Checklist Volume 2 right now.

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See you on the inside!

Kevin Fahey

Product Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IM Checklist Volume 2?

IM Checklists Volume 2 includes all the checklists, worksheets, and tools I personally use to make 6 figures per year with email marketing.

I already got the first version of IM Checklist, do I need this too?

Yes, IM Checklist Volume 2 is 100% different than the checklists included in IM Checklist Volume 1.

What will this do for me?

IM Checklist Volume 2 will save you time, give you a simple roadmap to follow, and help you crush it with email marketing.

Is there guarantee?

Yes, you get 14 days to go through everything and make sure this is for you. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, all you have to do is let me know, and I’ll get you a prompt refund.

Who should get this?

If you like shortcuts, you’re struggling with email marketing, or you just want to ensure you get the best results possible, this is for you.

How much is this?

For a limited time, you can get IM Checklist Volume 2 for a one time investment that’s over 90% off the normal pricing when you click the button below.

How do I get these right now?

Click The Button Below Right Now

For Instant Access To IM Checklist Vol.2…

What Private Label Rights are included?

Below you will see a full list of PLR rights for IM Checklist


Private Label Rights

  • [YES] Can be turned in PowerPoint Presentations
  • [YES] Can edit, add graphics and rebrand anyway you wish
  • [YES] Can we used to create video training courses
  • [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
  • [YES] Can be translated into other languages
  • [YES] Can claim full authorship
  • [YES] Can be used a build your email list (Individual Sheets Only)
  • [YES] Can be used a blog posts or info graphics (Individual Sheets Only)
  • [NO] Can Sell Private Label Rights
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