How to Quickly and Easily Get Stunning Images
for Everything in Your Business Whenever You Feel Like It

Without Spending a Fortune on Experts


  • Save time and money by quickly and easily creating your own professional designs
  • Understand how to use all of the features that Canva has to offer
  • Create professional eye-catching designs that grab people's attention online or offline
  • Sell your services to people actively looking to pay for your designs
  • FULL Private Label Rights (PLR) Included

When it comes to getting images for your marketing and promotion needs, the very last thing you’ll want is to waste your hard-earned money on sub-standard, cheesy or unprofessional graphics that you’ll regret buying every single time you even think of them.

Not to mention dealing with some expensive designer who’ll charge you and arm and a leg even for making slight changes and revisions.

And don’t even get me started on the perils of using a novice, who’ll work for pennies, but leaves you and your business looking unprofessional and incompetent.

I’m NO​T psychic.

But I’ll bet I know exactly what you do want…

  • check
    Exceptional quality images that undeniably make you and your business stand out like ‘a bag of gold’ helping to instantly ‘Position’ you as the experts or the person of choice in your niche.
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    No matter what it is you need – e-Book covers, social media graphics, blog posts, articles, YouTube thumbnails, a newsletter, website, report or header graphics You want them fast and easy.

Until recently, the only options you had would have been to hire some expensive designer or spend hours on end trying to learn Photoshop...and who has time for that – right?

But now, there is a much better way.

​Now you can create ad-agency quality graphics on the fly and get expert help from day one!



Finally, a quick and easy way to create professional eye-catching designs without having to spend time and money on complicated software!

An easy-to-follow course that shows you how to create designs that grab people’s attention like a hook and instantly generate more likes, comments and shares on all your Social Media accounts while sending ready-to-buy visitors to your business, product or services!

Not to mention creating designs for Free which you can then sell online!

I’ll take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step how Super Easy it is to create stunning graphic designs within minutes!

I will guide you every step of the way and I am always available to answer any messages, discussions, questions, or feedback that you have.

Now just before you get happily involved with this training I can almost hear your mind thinking…

"But I can't use or afford technical expensive software like Photoshop"

Well that’s no problem at all because… IT’S FREE and so simple even my 12-year-old daughter can use it!

Or maybe you’re thinking…

"I know absolutely nothing about creating graphic designs?!"


Well you don't need to as you can easily edit ready-made professional graphic design templates. These templates have been designed by professional graphic designers so they've done all the hard work for you.

Or are you a bit of a “technophobe” and often find yourself saying…

"I can’t do that I'm not at all technical"

Well if you can type (even using the “one finger” typing method I still use) and you can click a mouse button to drag and drop text and images to where you want them then you can do this.

So now you know how easy this is to use and don’t forget it’s FREE to use too!

You may be wondering “Ok so how exactly is this gonna help me?”


Do you need more engaging graphics on Social Media so people STOP browsing and actually READ your posts so you get loads more likes, comments, shares and a ton of FREE traffic?

You'll have 100's of design templates that you can quickly and easily edit and upload to sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and many more!

Do you need to create downloadable resources for online marketing?

You can quickly and easily create or convert any content into awesome looking Lead magnets, eBooks, Checklists, Cheetsheets and more...

Do you need to create designs that stand out from your competition and brand you or your business?

You'll find great looking design templates you can use to quickly and easily create your very own unique Logo's, Social Media Banners and Cover Art, YouTube Thumbnails, Facebook Posts, Infographics, Book Covers, Blog Posts, Banner Ads and much more...

Do you need to create offline marketing resources or personalized designs for things like invitations and postcards?

You'll find done for you designs you can edit and use for Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, resumes, certificates and official documents...

Do you need to create Videos or Powerpoint Presentations?

You can choose from a wide selection of done for you presentations in various themes and layouts and simply create your own custom made Powerpoint presentations or use them as video slides!

Or are you just looking for an easy way to finally start making money online as soon as possible?!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online is to create graphic designs for other people who are actively looking to pay someone to do these for them.

“I’ve made more money selling ONE design that took around 5 minutes to create, than what most people earn for a full day’s work!”


With PLR rights this means;

You CAN edit, add graphics and re-brand in any way you wish.

You CAN claim full authorship.

You CAN use them to create a video training course.

You CAN offer them as a bonus to a paid product.

You CAN add them to a membership site.

You CAN use them to build your email list (individual checklists only)

You CAN use them to create blog posts or infographics

You CAN translate them into different languages

BUT here’s what you CANNOT do with them;

You CANNOT claim copyright.

You CANNOT sell Private Label Rights.

You CANNOT sell Master Reseller Rights.

You CANNOT use these to create an eBook to sell.

You CANNOT resell these as checklists on JVZoo or WarriorPlus

So, let’s have a look at what you get…

You get 32 Checklists in 3 different formats that you can easily follow to create your own awesome looking graphics using Canva

You get 32 “over the shoulder” step-by-step training videos so you can see exactly what you need to do to create anything from social media posts and banners through to lead magnets and logos!

You get “Actionable Steps” under each video to encourage you to Take Action and make progress as you go through the training so that by the end you can see results.

You have the opportunity to sell your own designs on Freelancer sites and earn 10X more than you invest in this training within only hours from now!

You get Private Label Rights to these checklists with unlimited earning potential and the flexibility to use them in so many different ways…


So, what else will I need once I invest in this training?

Canva’s free to sign up and use! So, all you need to get started is an internet connection and desktop computer (PC or Mac)

With what you’re about to discover you will be able to give yourself and and your branding a completely new online make-over or build a brand-new business, which enables you to create your own schedule, be your own boss, have more freedom or even help others achieve their dreams by providing designs that they need to be successful!

Imagine how much opportunity and money you would lose if you do not invest now…

No Special Education...No Experience... No Skills...Just something you can use right immediately to start seeing results right away!

Your opportunity is NOW and it is handed over to you on a silver platter.
This is all yours right now for a small one-time investment and if you grab this opportunity right now you can get started now for only…


I don't care what the reason is, if you aren't 100% excited and satisfied with the purchase of IM Checklist Volume 7 we don't want your money! Just let us know within 14 Days and we'll refund every penny.



What am I going to get from this course?

•Save time and money by quickly and easily creating your own professional designs.
•Understand how to use all of the features that Canva has to offer.
•Create professional eye-catching designs that grab people's attention online or offline.
•Sell your services to people actively looking to pay for your designs.

What is the target audience?

•Anyone looking to save time and money when creating professional graphic designs.
•Anyone who uses Social Media to increase fans & followers.
•Beginners looking to learn a new skill which they can use to generate an additional income.
•Entrepreneurs & Internet Marketers who need eye-catching designs to catch people's attention online.
•Freelancers & Advertisers who sell their services online or offline.
•Business owners who use the internet to increase visitors, customers and sales.
•Graphic and Web Designers who create designs for themselves or others.