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IM Checklist Volume 24


Instantly Tap Into a Trending Multi-Billion Dollar Industry And Take Your Business To The Next Level With These 18 Top Quality Checklists!

1 - Working with Social Media: Influencer Marketing
2 - Ways to Make Money
3 - How to Become an
4 - Doing Influence
5 - Everything you need for
6 - Growing a Team of Influencers
7 - The Ultimate Guide for
8 - Seeing Influence Marketing
9 - Do’s and Don’ts of

10 - Improving your
11 - Measuring and
12 - Checklist on Practical Applications of Influencer Marketing
13 - Using Influencer Marketing
14 - Outreach Checklist for Influencer Marketing
15 - How to Make Money
16 - Tools for Tracking
17 - Checklist for Creating
18 - A Quick Recap

IM Checklist Volume 23


These Traffic Generation Checklists Are The Fastest Way To Tap Into a Billion Dollar Industry & Create The Lifestyle Business You Desire.

1. How to set up Google Ads Account
2. How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner in 2019
3. Do’s and Dont's of Google Ads
4. Tracking Conversions Google Ads
5. Setting up Google Ads Campaign
6. Strategies for Google Ads Bidding
7. A guide to Ads Schedule
8. Ads Search Campaign Checklist
9. Google Ads Copywriting Tips to Grab Everyone’s Attention

10. Secrets to Google Ads Success
11. Reasons for your unsuccessful Ads
12. Top Google Ads Tools for Success
13. Optimizing Google Advertising Costs
14. Questions to Ask Before Starting your Google Ads Campaign
15. Pre-Launch Google Ads Tips you should not Miss out!
16. Account Audit Checklist for Google Ads
17. Google Ads Tips to Boost your Campaign
18. The Ultimate Google Ads Checklist

IM Checklist Volume 22


Instantly Tap Into a Trending Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That Everyone Talks About

1. Entrepreneur Mindset Checklist
2. Healthy Mindset
3. Mindset of Confident people
4. How to Enhance your Mindset Improve Focus
5. Developing a Growth Mindset
6. Mindset Maintenance for Workaholics
7. Having a Positive Attitude Checklist
8. Mindset of Dreamers
9. The Social Mindset

10. Guaranteed Unstoppable Mindset

11. How to Beat your Fear Mindset
12. How to Maintain an Innovative Mindset in Times of Pressure
13. Mindset Hacks for Entrepreneurs
14. Developing a Success-Oriented Mindset
15. Dealing with Anxiety with a Shift in your Mindset
16. Improve your Life by Changing your Mindset
17. Mindset for Long Term Thinking
18. Developing a Mindset with Resilience and Determination

IM Checklist Volume 21


Instantly Tap Into a Multi-Million Dollar Niche and Serve One Of The Biggest Markets There Is - With 18 PLR Checklists!

1. Google Analytics Account Audit
2. Installing Google Analytics Account
3. Tagging in Google Analytics
4. How to Increase Accuracy Consistency on Google Analytics
5. Integration in Google Analytics
6. Channel Groupings in Google Analytics
7. Data Import Checklist: Google Analytics
8. Campaign tracking on Google Analytics
9. Google Tag Manager: Google Analytics

10. How to Set Up and Edit a Property in Google Analytics?
11. How to Add a New View in Google Analytics?
12. How to Create, Edit and Share Goals?
13. Google Analytics Events Checklist
14.How to get Analytics for mobile applications?
15. The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics: 2019
16.Guide to Tools of Google Analytics API
17.Google Analytics Tips and Tricks
18. How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress?

IM Checklist Volume 20

PLR Kickstart

Discover The Secrets The TOP PLR Producers Use To Build Six Figure Businesses

1. PLR Kickstart Checklist

2. Top 10 PLR Profit Models

3. PLR Rolodex with the main Producers

4. How To Make PLR Unique

5. PLR Rebranding - Graphics

6. PLR Rebranding - Written Content

7. PLR Rebranding - Video

8. PLR Rebranding - Sales Page

9. Re-Writing PLR Articles

10. PLR Kickstart Checklist

11. Top 10 PLR Profit Models

12. PLR Rolodex with the main Producers

13. How To Make PLR Unique

14. PLR Rebranding - Graphics

15. PLR Rebranding - Written Content

16. PLR Rebranding - Video

17. PLR Rebranding - Sales Page

18. Re-Writing PLR Articles

IM Checklist Volume 19


Steal These 18 High Quality Checklists I Used To Run Over 200 Webinars That Generated Multiple 6 Figures Online

1. Creating A Successful Webinar
2. How To Create And Host A Webinar On GoToWebinar
3. How To Critique Your Webinar
4. How To Plan A Webinar
5. The Ultimate Guide To Webinars
6. Tips For More Sales On Your Webinar
7. How To Monetize Webinars
8. Creating Landing Page And Thank You, Page, For Your Webinar
9. Questions To Ask Selling On Webinars Through Zoom

10. Tools For Selling On Webinars
11. Setting Up A Group Coaching Webinar Series
12. How To Do Webinars For Products You Don’t Own
13. Setting Up A Paid Webinar Using PayPal
14. Guide To Webinar Pricing
15. How To Run A Successful Lead Generating Webinar
16. Tips For Presentation Selling On Webinars
17. How To Structure Your Webinar Content In The Right Way
18. Creating A Killer Content For Your Webinar

IM Checklist Volume 18


Become LinkedIn Marketing Expert With These 18 Step-By-Step Checklists In 5 Formats with full PLR!

1. Optimizing Presence On LinkedIn
2. How To Do Business With LinkedIn?
3. Creating A Killer Student Profile
4. How To Setup Your  Company Page?
5. How To Create A Marketing Strategy For Your LinkedIn Business?
6. A How-To Guide On Advertising
7. Free LinkedIn Marketing Tactics
8. Making Money On The LinkedIn ​
9. How To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Company With LinkedIn?

10. The Do’s And Don’ts Of LinkedIn
11. How To Use LinkedIn Tools
12. Creating A Content Marketing Plan
13. How To Get More  Page Followers?
14. Creating Ad Formats On LinkedIn
15. 16 Must-Have: LinkedIn Marketing
16. 2019 LinkedIn Profile Checklist
17. How To Access Your Page Performance?
18. The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Checklist

IM Checklist Volume 17

ClickBank Marketing

Become A Successful ClickBank Affiliate & Seller With These Step by Step Checklists

1. Creating Your ClickBank Account And Do’s And Dont's Of ClickBank
2. Getting Your Affiliate Links And Tracking ID’s
3. How To Get Paid With ClickBank?
4. How To Promote ClickBank Offers?
5. ClickBank Reporting For Affiliates
6. Finding Upcoming ClickBank Offers To Promote
7. How To Succeed As An Affiliate: ClickBank
8. Setting Up Your ClickBank Payment Link
9. Running A Test Purchase In ClickBank

10. ClickBank Approval Checklist
11. How To Block Affiliates On ClickBank?
12. Making Use Of ClickBank Marketplace For Research
13. How To Attract Affiliates For Your ClickBank Offer?
14. How To Buy Advertising On ClickBank?
15. How To Use Sales Flow Tools: ClickBank
16. How To Add An Upsell To Your Offer In ClickBank?
17. How To Add Multiple Sales Pages?
18. How To Sell To Different Languages On ClickBank

IM Checklist Volume 16


Craft The Most Effective, Most Dangerous, Most Profitable Copy With These 18 Proven Copywriting Checklists!

1. Creative Copy - How To Get Started
2.  Hacks For Appealing Content
3. Copywriting Research
4. Copywriting Tools And Resources
5. Copywriting Techniques Taken From Psychology
6. How To Craft A Headline For Maximum Conversions
7. Copywriting For Web Pages
8. Essential Copy Elements Every Sales Page Should Have
9. Copywriting For Sales Videos

10. Tips For Ads Copywriting
11. Social Media Copywriting
12. Direct Response Copywriting
13. How To Do Email Copywriting
14. How To Get Paid For Your Skills As A Copywriter
15. How To Do Copywriting For Newsletters
16. Copywriting Grammar Tools
17. SEO Copywriting Checklist
18. Copywriting Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

IM Checklist Volume 15


Learn Everything You Need To Know About Running Successful YouTube Ad Campaigns With These 18 Checklists!

1. YouTube Advertising Basics & Getting Started
2. A How To Guide On Promoting Your Video Ads On Google AdWords
3. Best Practices For YouTube Ads
4. Google AdWords Tutorial
5. Your First  Video Campaign
6. Advanced Targeting Options
7. How To Plan Your YouTube Advertising Campaign
8. YouTube Advertising The Key Metrics You Need To Monitor

9. How to Optimize Your Video Ads

10. Setting Up A YouTube Remarketing List
11. Tips and Basics of  Remarketing
12. How to Set Up an Overlay Ads
13. How to Set Up Bumper Ads
14. How to Set Up Display Ads on YouTube
15. How to Set Up Non-Skippable Ads
16. How To Set Up Sponsored Cards
17. How to Setup an Effective AdWords Advertising Budget
18. Final YouTube Advertising Checklist

IM Checklist Volume 14

SEarch Engine Optimization

Fully Optimize Your Website and Improve Your Rankings With These 19 SEO Checklists

1. Are 301 Or 302 Redirect Best?
2. How to Check Domain Authority?
3. How to Do Keyword Research?
4. Hit By A Negative SEO?
5. How To Do Off Page SEO?
6. How to Understand Searcher?
7. How to Improve Your Site Speed ?
8. Small Business Owners SEO Guide
9. Track and Monitor SEO Results

10. How to Use Google SEO tools?
11. How To Do On-Page SEO?
12. The First Steps Of Your SEO Audit:
13. High-Quality Link Building.
14. Build e-commerce SEO Strategy.
15. How to Fix Technical SEO Issues?
16. How To Use Twitter For SEO?
17. How to Avoid Indexing Issues?
18. How to Do a  SEO Audit?
19. How to Develop and Build an SEO Content Strategy?

IM Checklist Volume 13


Start Off Your 2019 Right With These 18 Proven Methods To Make Fast Cash Online!

1. Make Money Online With Blogging

2. Make Money Selling E-books

3. Make Money Creating Videos

4. Make Money Online Selling Photos

5. Make Money Online Tutoring

6. Make Money Online Freelancing

7. Make Money Online With Etsy

8. Make Money Online With Craigslist

9. Make Money Online With Surveys

10. Make Money With Voice Overs

11. Make Money Online With Toluna

12. Make Money  With Swagbucks

13. Make Money With InboxPounds

14. Make Money Online With Fiverr

15. Make Money As An Affiliate

16. Make Money Selling  Old Items

17. Make Money With User Testing 

18. Make Money  With Amazon Mechanical Turk

IM Checklist Volume 12


Finally Launch a Successful Business and Get Everything You Deserve From Life With These 18 Offline Business Startup Checklists!

1. How To Advertise Your Startup Effectively
2. How to create business plan
3. How To Manage A Startup
4. How to fund your business
5. How to carry out market research
6. Basics about using kickstarter
7. How to calculate company's financial needs
8. How To Register A New Business

9. How To Hire The Right People
10. Create a Kickstarter A/c
11. How to reduce costs
12. How to carry out crowdfunding
13. How To Use Social Media
14. How to avoid common mistakes.
15. How To Manage Startup Stress
16. How To Calculate Profits
17. How To Choose Suppliers
18.Early Signs Of Startup Success

IM Checklist Volume 11


Turn Your Passion Into Profits & Learn how To Build A Business on WordPress With These 18 Step by Step Checklist

1. Things to know before making a website on Wordpress
2. Install WordPress From The Start
3. Installing and Configuring A Theme
4. Installing & Configuring Plugins
5. Styling WordPress
6. Widgets & Menus
7. Tracking & Analysts
8. Create Your First Blog Post
9. Creating & WordPress Page & Setting Up The Home Page

10. WordPress SEO
11. WordPress Comments
12. Getting Traffic To Your Blog
13. Guest Posting
14. WordPress Security ​
15. Sending Emails Via Wordpress
16. Integrating Social Media ​
17. WordPress Final Checks
18. Making Money From Your WordPress Blog

IM Checklist Volume 10


Cut The Time From Thinking About Writing a Book To Actually Publishing, Promoting and Profiting From Your Very Own Authority Building, Expert Positioning Book To Almost Zero With These 18 Self Publishing Checklists...

1. Book Planning Checklist
2. Book Writing Checklist
3. Book Cover Checklist
4. Book Publishing Checklist
5. Book Marketing Checklist
6. Createspace Upload Checklist
7. Lulu Upload Checklist
8. Nook Upload Checklist
9. Kindle Upload Checklist

10. Amazon Advertising Checklist

11. Book Online Advertising Checklist
12. Giveaway Model Book Funnel
13. Free + Shipping Model Book
14. Traditional Book Sales Model
15. Local Book Launch Checklist
16. Online Launch Checklist
17. Book Lead Generation / Sales
18. Book Backend Checklist
19. Book Speaking Gigs Checklist
20. Book Translation Checklist

IM Checklist Volume 9


Cut Your Workload In Half, and Double Your Profits with These 18 Step by Step Outsourcing Checklists Today

1. Needs Assessment Checklist
2. Hiring Outsources
3. How to find the right person for your team
4. Outsourcing On Freelancer
5. Outsourcing On Upwork
6. Outsourcing On OnlineJobs.php
7. Staff Time Control
8. Paying your staff
9. Managing Access and passwords

10. Team Manager Tasks
11. Team Training
12. Contracts & NDA’s
13. How To Outsource A Product
14. Negotiations For Prices and work turnaround.
15. Testing A Potential Outsourcer
16. How To Outsource Your Support
17. How To Outsource a Software
18. Tasks a VA Can Complete

IM Checklist Volume 8


14 Times More Power Than Email Marketing! Become A ManyChat Expert Today & Discover How To INSTANTLY Increase Your Results

1. Creating Your ManyChat Account
2. ManyChat Bot Settings
3. Main Menu & Default
4. Welcome Message
5. Automation With Keywords

6. Automation Sequences
7. Automation Rules
8. Growth Tools - Widgets
9. Growth Tools - Landing Page

10. Growth Tools - Messenger Ref URL
11. Growth Tools - Facebook Ads Json
12. Growth Tools - Comments
13. Growth Tools - Messenger Code
14. Growth Tools - Customer Chat
15 Broadcasting To Your Manychat List
16. Click To Message Ad Setup
17. Grow Your List With Comments Ads
18. Adding Emails To Your AR

IM Checklist Volume 7


Get The 18 Checklists I Use To Setup A Profitable Online Business In 30 Days

1. Website & Domain Setup
2. Business Branding Setup
3. WordPress Setup
4. Email Marketing Setup
5. Landing Page Setup
6. Thank you Page Setup
7. Tracking Setup
8. Social Media Setup
9. Indoctrination Email Series

10. Retargeting Setup Checklist
11. Messenger Chat Checklist
12. Affiliate Network Setup Checklist
13. Video Hosting Setup Checklist
14. Content Creation Setup Checklist
15. Advertising Accounts Checklist
16. Marketing Plan Checklist
17. 31 Day Worksheet Checklist
18. 90 Day Guaranteed Success Plan

IM Checklist Volume 6


Get 32 Step by Step Canva Training Checklists & Videos - Learn Everything Needed To Become A Canva Professional!

1. Create A Canva Account
2. Navigate Canva Dashboard
3. Create Your Canva Profile
4. Canva Design Tools
5. Layouts And Grids
6. Canva Frames
7. Canva Shapes And Lines
8. Canva Illustration Icons
9. Canva Charts
10. I Love Canva
11. Canva Text New
12. Canva Font Combinations
13. Canva Image Editor
14. Canva Colour Palette
15.Canva Saved Design
16. Canva Pinterest Post

17. Canva Twitter Post
18. Facebook Quote Post
19.Instagram Post Connect
20. Presentations Powerpoint
21.Downloading Your Designs
22. Create A Magazine
23.Other Documents On Canva
24. Create Kindle Cover
25.Create Ebook Using Canva
26.Blogging And Ebook Section
27. Flyers And Brochures
28. Gift Certificates And Labels
29. Logo Using Canva
30. Youtube Art Using Canva
31. Banners And Headers
32. Announcements Invitations

IM Checklist Volume 5

Video Marketing

Get The Exact 20 Step By Step Checklists I Use To Harness The Power Of Video Marketing

1. Video Aims
2. Video Types
3. Keyword Research
4. Recording Equipment
5. Smartphone Video
6. Prepare To Record
7. Video Template
8. Video Monetisation
9. Video Editing
10. YouTube Channel

11. YouTube Playlist
12. YouTube Playlist
13. YouTube Connect and Engage
14. Video Traffic: Email
15. Video Traffic: Blog
16. Video Traffic: Facebook
17. Video Traffic: Twitter
18. Video Traffic: Pinterest
19. Video Traffic: Instagram

IM Checklist Volume 4

Affiliate Marketing

Get The Exact 20 Step by Step Checklists I Use To Generate $227.81 Per Day As An Affiliate

1. Choosing The Right Network
2. Abbreviations and Statistics
3. Finding A Profitable Niche
4. Product Approval Checklist
5. JVZoo Account Setup
6. JVZoo Product Research
7. WarriorPlus Set Up
8. Warrior Product Research
9. Clickbank Account Setup
10. Clickbank Product Research

11. Launch Calendar Checklist
12. Affiliate Approval Checklist
13. Plan Promotions in Advance
14. Promotion Emails Checklist
15. Offering & Delivering Bonus
16. Product Review Checklist
17. Affiliate Marketing - Free Traffic
18. Affiliate Marketing - Paid Traffic
19. List Building & Affiliate Marketing

IM Checklist Volume 3

Social Media MARKETING

Get The 30 Checklists I Personally Use To Manage My Social Media Accounts

1. Social Media Hacks
2. Social Media Branding
3. Gmail & Google Account
4. Add Your Business To Google
5. Engaging Content
6. Posting Schedule
7. Google+ Setup
8. YouTube Setup
9. Facebook Setup
10. Instagram Setup
11. Twitter Setup
12. Pinterest Setup
13. Reddit Setup
14. Google+ Content Creation
15. Youtube Content Creation

16. Facebook Content Creation
17. Instagram Content Creation
18. Twitter Content Creation
19. Pinterest Content Creation
20. Reddit Content Creation
21. Connect On Google
22. Connect On YouTube
23. Connect On Facebook
24. Connect On Instagram
25. Connect On Twitter
26. Connect On Reddit
27. Marketing on Social Media
28. List Building on Social Media
29. Online Advertising
30.Offline Advertising

IM Checklist Volume 2

Email Marketing

Get The EXACT Checklists, Spreadsheets, Mind Maps And Online Forms I Personally Use To Make $21,456 Per Month Sending A Few Emails.

1. Email Marketing Checklists
2. Quick Start Guide
3. IM Squeeze Page
4. IM Thank You Page
5. Offline Squeeze Page
6. Offline Thank You Page
7. Webinar Signup Page
8. Webinar Thank You Page
9. Followup Email Sequence

10. Aweber Setup
11. Active Campaign Setup
12. Market Hero Setup
13. Optimize Press Landing Page
14. Thrive Themes Landing Page
15. Free Landing Page
16. Email Deliverability
17. Email Marketing Improvements
18. List Building Methods

IM Checklist Volume 1

Product Creation

Get The EXACT Checklists, Spreadsheets, Mind Maps And Online Forms I Personally Use To Run My 7 Figure Online Business

1. Product Idea Guide

2. Graphic Design

3. Membership Area

4. JV Recruitment

5. Sales Page Design

6. Sales Page Split Test

7. Services and Software

8. Warrior Plus Setup

9. Early-bird and Mailing

10. JV Document

11. Sales Video

12 Landing & Download Page
13. Sales Funnels
14. JVZoo Setup
15. JV Page
16. JV Video
17. FB Ads Product Launch
18. Final Testing

IM Checklists allow you to get on with making money without the worry, fear and weight on your shoulders that you may have forgotten something. EVERYTHING is there is a clear and easy to consume format that can be checked off in seconds. A Must have for all serious marketers.

Carl Picot Online Marketer

John Mulry - Online Marketing Expert

IM Checklists come in many different formats. I have been using the Google Sheets version and it has changed the way I do my affiliate promos because they are more than just checklists they provide training and insight into things like market research and different marketplaces.

Garry Baker - Online Marketer

As a customer Just wanted to say Thanks for creating IM Checklist. It’s all in the worry of what I may forget. You have removed that fear. Many Thanks

Mike Holthuysen Online Marketer

The ability for someone to follow a proven method step by step like this is tantamount to their success with marketing. 

Reed Floren - Online Marketing Expert

These checklists have been a great asset in helping me set up my first launch, ensuring that I didn’t miss any steps under tight time constraints. I highly recommend these checklists.

Dominic Anderton - PLR Marketer

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