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Kevin Fahey

Product Creator

Running business´ online since 2005, Kevin Fahey owner and operator of this site, has spent the last few years independently developing his own online system of doing things. Frustrated with the seemingly endless hurdles and the lack of help that face most entrepreneurs starting out he has devised to give back and help.

We’re Listening

Taking care of customers is taking care of business

We believe it is important to see our members happy and interactive with us and their fellow members. Being there to lend a hand, seeing them achieve success, increase their knowledge and to provide them with the best experience we can give them.

When a new customer arrives on our doorstep, we want them to have a warm welcome that stays. They are guided through the setup process and we are there to answer any questions. We strive to provide the best experience possible for the customer, but it doesn’t stop there. We are always open to new ideas and feedback. We want our customers happy.

*We are Listening*
The details are important. Many ideas and changes are developed directly from customer requests.

A lot of memberships leave the members unclear or confused. They execute endless changes which accomplish nothing (leaving the customer confused) and allow poor decisions to go uncontested. Or they lay there and do nothing to improve the customer/client experience. In the end, both sides end up feeling unhappy and unsatisfied.

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